I am in love with this picture


i love how they made edit of my edit (you can see my url in the corner)

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Poor Stu x

(sorry about the quality,Murray filmed it like this)

please change your url its embarrassing

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reblog if you feel at home in this fandom and if you love every single person like they’re your sibling

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Ed describing the fan base using the quote “a misfit isn’t a misfit among misfits” just makes me so happy because I always felt like I fit in with all of you lovely people more than almost anywhere else and I just love the fact that he acknowledges and loves how we have such a warm and family like atmosphere among all of us as much as we do!!

ilysm bae
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Magic With Celebrities & YouTubers!!! [x]



Let’s play a game called what the fuck does George think about during interviews when matty goes on rambling and he zones out

dogs dominating the world

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Austin appearing with Ed Sheeran Cody and Alli Simpson  with Magician Daniel Fernandez

So that’s why Ed had a card in his pocket

now it all makes sense

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