Harry x Ed // smut

“Guitarists finger faster,” Ed laughed aloud at the tweet.

“False..” Harry rose his eyebrow at him.

“Guitarists do it faster,” he blushed as he read another tweet.

“False,” Harry snorted.

“Singers do it louder,” Ed bit his lip.

Harry stared at the boy sitting across from him. They were stuck in Harry’s hotel room because neither of them got up fast enough to get lunch. The rest of the gang left without them, so they resorted to reading tweets about them for entertainment.

“Tweet about us being together,” Ed spoke softly to Harry.

He cocked his head and then nodded it. “Ok, this should make our girls scream.”

“Harry_Styles: stuck in the hotel with @EdSheeran . What should we do for fun?”

Moments later a flood of tweets piled in both the boys’ phones.

Some were normal like “watch spongebob” or “play videogames” and others were a little more interesting.

“Oh shit,” Harry laughed. “This girl said ‘you should totes kiss. Pics or it didn’t happen!’”

“They wish…” Ed’s voice trailed off as he bit his lower lip.

“You alright, bud?” Harry stood up and then sat down next to Ed on the bed.

“Yeah…I um…I just…” Ed shook his head at himself and then laughed. “Wouldn’t it be wild if we did that?”

“Kissed?” Harry questioned.

“Yeah. But not really. Like. The hand over the mouth thing…but at the perfect angle. Our girls would go CRAZY.”

Harry sat in thought and then grinned. “Yeah. You’re right. Fuck management. I’m pretty sure I’ll get loads of shit about it, but I don’t care. It’s all for fun!”

Ed’s mood perked up and he smiled. “OK get your phone ready.”

Harry got his phone out and on the camera setting. “OK, ready?” he tilted his head in a closed his eyes. Ed placed his hand over Harry’s mouth and leaned in for the ‘kiss’. As soon as the flash went off, Harry pushed Ed down and straddled his thighs.

“What the hell?” Ed was shocked.

“Hold on,” Harry laughed as he tweeted the photo and set his phone aside.

“Harry, what’s the deal?” Ed stared at the man on top of him.

“I see how you look at me. How you laugh at my shit jokes and bite your lip when I talk about a girl I’ve been with.” Harry leaned down and stopped inches from Ed’s face. “How about we make that tweet a little more realistic?”

Before he could answer, Harry’s lips collided with Ed’s and that was that. Ed’s hands ran over Harry’s back and then tugged on his shirt.

Harry took it off and went back to kissing the boy under him. Their kiss intensified and Harry ripped off the boy’s shirt.

“Harry,” Ed groaned as the tattooed hand grabbed Ed’s jeans and unbuckled and unzipped them in seconds. He pulled the jeans and his boxers down completely.

“Fuck, I really want this,” Harry moaned as Ed’s cock sprung loose. He wasted no time before engulfing Ed in his mouth and taking it all in. Ed held tight to Harry’s curls and forced him down on him, thrusting into his mouth.

Eyes watering, gagging, and unable to breathe, Harry loved every second of it and dug his nails into Ed’s thighs.

“Fuck, you’ve got a beautiful mouth,” Ed cursed as he pumped in and out; controlling his own speed.

In minutes Ed came in Harry’s mouth—who swallowed like it was nothing. Ed grabbed Harry by his waistband and threw him over on the other side of the bed. He kissed and nipped at the nape of Harry’s neck. He moaned and unzipped his own jeans.

“Let me,” Ed smiled. He unbuttoned them and pulled them off and then Harry’s boxers followed in suit.

“Oh fuck me, you’re huge,” Ed said in astonishment.

“Will do,” Harry smirked and picked Ed up, and placing him on all fours.

Filling him with his thumb first, Harry pumped in and out of Ed, eliciting a wince and then moan from the guitarist.

“I thought singers were loud? What happened to that, huh?” Harry snarled as he slapped Ed’s ass. He moaned louder, looking back at the brunette. “More,” he urged.

Harry replaced his thumb with two and then three fingers.

“Harry, please,” Ed begged.

“How bad do you want me?” Harry chuckled.

“Bad..” Ed whimpered.

“How bad?” Harry slapped Ed’s ass again, making sure a red mark was made.

“Fuck me, please, Harry. Please?!” Ed nearly screamed. Harry was satisfied and proceeded to plow into him.

“FUCK,” they both cursed; Harry our of pleasure, and Ed out of a mix of pain and pleasure.

He gave the boy a moment to adjust as he pumped slowly, gradually picking up the pace.

“I’m not gonna last long,” Harry moaned into Ed’s shoulder blades, kissing them.

“Am I tighter than your whores?” he laughed aloud. Harry gritted his teeth and reared back to plunge deep into Ed. He went harder and harder until he came inside the drummer. His nails dug deep into the boy as he rode out his orgasm, eliciting a steamed groan from Ed.

Harry collapsed on Ed, who collapsed on the bed. After a moment of rest, Harry rolled off of him and sighed—exasperated.

“I don’t think that’s what our girls intended by that tweet…” Ed panted.

“Oh, I’m sure that’s what they intended..”

one shot tonight? ;)

Anonymous asked:
"hello i like your blog but i saw you have smuts and i was like 'okay i've never read Ed smut before so i will read one' and now i cant read it bc i cant imagine. i mean i love Ed and i think he is really hot but i cant imagine him doing that. what should i do to read them without felling strange? i dont really know his "dark" side i just see one adorable person. what should i do? help me xx"

you only cant read it/imagine it because ed is always super cute and sweet guy (i mean,im pretty sure he likes simple sex ,no rough)

you say you’ve never read ed smut before? go here->







they’re great writers,maybe you can imagine Ed while reading their stuff?


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"Why r u not answered my question?: ("

im so so SO sorry :(( I’m not getting any notifications when I get a new message i dont know why :// im sorry

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"Your icon is the bestttttt."

hahaha thanks man ;)

he looks so tall here omg *heart eyes emoji*

he looks so tall here omg *heart eyes emoji*